Q: Can you work off my plans?
A:Yes we can quote from your plans or we can design plans to your budget and individual style.

Q:  Who organisers council approvals?
A:  We can organised and provide all council approvals/certifications.

Q:  Can you do extensions and renovations?
A:  Yes, we have extensive experience in this area.

Q:  If we decide to make changes can this be done during construction?
A:  Yes, I work alongside with the client to make this happen.  At any stages during the building constructions changes can be made.

Q:  Do you have an interior designer?
A:  Yes, we have an interior designer that can work with you to help with selecting colours, tiles, décor etc

Q:  Do you build pools?
A:  We can build pools to any design suitable for your project and budget.

Q:  Do  you do landscaping?
A:  Yes we have Landscape designer and construction.

Q:  Can you build on difficult sites/sloping land?
A:  Yes, this is where our expertise is comes to the forefront.

Q:  Do you do small jobs such as bathroom renovations, decks, pergolas etc
A:  Yes, no job is too small.